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Avezta Equity
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Avezta Equity is a real estate investment company founded in 2006 solely focused on providing highly tailored sale-leaseback capital to owners of distress properties (properties going into Foreclosures). ImageOur main goal is to help individuals with financial distressful situations to rebuild their credits while remaining in their homes. The ultimate goal is to help our clients to buy their homes back in a period of two to five years. Our creation has been the collaboration of real estate and financial experts. 

Brief Description of our Process:

STEP 1: Meeting with Avezta professional
Avezta Capital locates people in needs of our services.

STEP 2: Field work analysis
Avezta Capital has the home appraised by an independent appraiser, and inspected by
a licensed third party professional.

STEP 3: Home purchase from client
Avezta Capital purchases the home for 100% of its appraised value and preserves a
predetermined amount of equity in the form of an option deposit. A repair allowance
account is created to fund needed repairs.

STEP 4: Lease
At closing, the Option holder signs a long -term lease and leases the home back for up to five years, with the option to purchase the home back after 2 years.

STEP 5: Holding period
The Option holder participates in the property's appreciation during the lease/option
term, building upon their original financial position in the property.

STEP 6: Home is sold back to client
Once the Option holder re-establishes their good credit, they may after 24 months
and before the 60th month exercise their option to re-purchase the home or if the Option re-established good credit and desires to move or get what ever equity they may have in their option they may sell the home to the market. Your option to repurchase the home after 24 months and before the 60th month may be exercised by you by either you qualifying for a mortgage or selling the home to the market, and capture your equity.


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